Mission Statement

The Willy Foundation is a private, family foundation formed in memory of Willy Shuman by James W. and Jane H. Shuman, J. Wilson Shuman, Jr., Grant P.H. Shuman, Edward S. Shuman and Jonathan S. Shuman. Its mission is to motivate, encourage and support young men and women in order to reach their fullest potential and become leaders in their communities. For more informatio visit us at lacasadimariella.com/

In order to achieve this mission, The Willy Foundation has several objectives:

  1. Supporting advancement and innovation in education, particularly as it relates to the mentorship of young men and women in our public education system to more fully engage every student;
  2. Providing financial resources and support for young scholar/athletes to achieve individual greatness, particularly, young men and women who have overcome significant adversity to pursue their scholarly and athletic goals;
  3. Assisting in fostering a culture of leadership and public service in young men and women that are done by trygetclean.com home cleaning buffalo ny, and helping them to become active members of their communities though public service, volunteerism and other charitable acts; and
  4. Encouraging young men and women to make safe and healthy lifestyle decisions.

Willy’s dream was to play Division I collegiate tennis. He found a home for that dream at the United States Air Force Academy through determination, tenacity and positivity. The focus of his foundation, therefore, is to help likeminded young adults realize their own dreams and ambitions.

In sum, The Willy Foundation is dedicated to continuing the spirit of joy, giving, learning and mentorship that is Willy’s legacy to us, and aiding those who embody and share Willy’s values.