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Almost from the beginning of the Foundation, Jane Shuman has travelled the State of West Virginia and beyond to speak to students ranging from elementary schools to colleges and universities. Her presentations tell Willy’s story, and they focus on the importance of making safe decisions when driving or riding in a car. The sad but simple truth is that Willy was not wearing a seatbelt for about ninety seconds before the car crash that took his life. That is one and a half minutes. In the scheme of a life, one and a half minutes is nothing at all. In this case, though, the results proved catastrophic.

Mrs. Shuman has spoken at well over fifty schools in and around West Virginia. At each school, she introduces The WAS Challenge: (1) to always wear a seatbelt; (2) to never drink and drive; and (3) to never ride with someone who has been drinking. If the student accepts the challenge, he or she receives a WAS Logo window sticker, a Wear A Seatbelt bracelet, a copy of the WAS Challenge, and a WAS Challenge sticker that the student signs and puts on the wall at the school saying that he or she has accepted the pledge. The Foundation also provides a 4×4 banner of the WAS Logo to each school, together with a street sign of the WAS Logo for the exit of the parking lot as a stark reminder of the importance of seatbelt safety.

Mrs. Shuman has also spoken to DUI offenders who must undergo the Division of Motor Vehicle’s DUI Safety and Treatment Program. In that same vein, recently Mrs. Shuman has partnered with the West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration (“WVABCA”) in conjunction with its DUI Simulator program. According to the WVABCA:

The Simulator brings driving under the influence of alcohol to the forefront by providing participants with the opportunity to experience different levels of impairment in diverse situations. The Simulator mimics the difficulties drivers will encounter at various blood alcohol content (BAC) levels while safely operating a computer generated simulation system. By engaging the public and the youth in this interactive manner, the WVABCA is able to provide valuable tools to combat underage drinking, drinking and driving, and distracted driving. The program also includes a classroom lecture and utilizes a touch screen kiosk to collect statistical information such as; driving habits and underage alcohol usage. The DUI Simulator program places an emphasis on encouraging youth and the public to make good decisions while behind the wheel and throughout life.

To date, Mrs. Shuman has appeared 16 times in tandem with WVABCA officials to deliver her presentation, while the DUI Simulator provides a mechanism for sober drivers to understand the perils that face the public when an intoxicated driver gets behind the wheel.

If you believe that Mrs. Shuman’s presentation would benefit your school or community group, please contact the Foundation.

For more information concerning the DUI Simulator, please visit the WVABCA’s website.